Amber Johnson

Austin Legal/Medical Advocate

Amber Johnson is the Austin Legal/Medical Advocate with Rape Victim Advocates, and works out of the Austin satellite office, located in the Austin Community. She joined RVA’s advocacy team shortly after graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where she received a Master of Arts in Criminology, Law, and Justice, with a concentration in Violence. During her time in graduate school, she developed a passion for victimology, in particular amongst victims of sex crimes.  Prior to tha,t she attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Leadership Studies. Amber serves in the United States Army Reserves and currently holds a position as a Human Resources Officer in addition to volunteering with the 337th Military Intelligence Battalion as a Suicide Intervention Officer and Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. Her passion for the military and work as a sexual assault advocate has motivated her to make it her mission to take on the daunting and difficult task of bridging the gap of military and civilian sexual assault response. She is devoted to helping survivors in both sectors be informed of their legal/medical rights and options, and ensuring that survivors have support throughout the many processes they may encounter.