Men in the Movement (MITM)

MITM is a discussion series that focuses on men’s responsibility in the anti-rape movement. Our discussions are focused on a variety of elements related to masculinity (e.g. pornography, parenting, even capitalism!) and styled in a casual and engaging format. The discussions create space for internal reflection as well as external activism and are held almost every month.

June 18th, 6-8pm, Location: The #BreathingRoom, 1434 W 51st St.

Men in the Movement at the Mic!

MITM joins Surviving the Mic and BYP100 for a night supporting sexual assault survivors of police perpetrators. BYP100 will be releasing a list of sexual assaults perpetrated by police the previous week. Attendees will have the opportunity to share their experiences and support survivors who come forward. 

July 10th, 6-8pm, Location: RVA, 180 Michigan Ave, Suite #610

Native American Survivorship

Native survivors of sexual assault, abuse, and human trafficking face many obstacles in their healing process. Join MITM for a discussion on how the long history of genocide against native peoples prevents individuals and communities from obtaining justice and methodologies native communities use to heal and survive. Snack and refreshment will be provided and this discussion is wheelchair accessible. 

August 28th, 6-8pm, Location: RVA, 180 Michigan Ave, Suite #610

Alternatives to Calling the Police

Join MITM for a training and discussion on alternative options to calling the police. Many communities and individuals feel uncomfortable reaching out in times of crisis to law enforcement. What alternatives are there? Snacks and refreshment will be provided and this discussion is wheelchair accessible. 

Folks of all genders are welcome to attend. RVA is a survivor-centered organization, so we ask that perpetrators of violence please contact us for referrals rather than attend the discussion.

If you have any questions or are interested in bringing a topic to MITM, please contact Brendan at