Your Message of Support to Survivors Matters

This is a time of change and uncertainty. More survivors are speaking out than ever before, but they are still being blamed, and sometimes even shouted down. The voices of supporters – supporters like you – are more important than ever to counter those who dismiss and ignore sexual violence.

Rape Victim Advocates remains steadfast in our commitment to support survivors and end sexual violence. With your help, we will continue to listen to and amplify the voices of survivors – voices like Coretta Dixon, who kept silent for over 20 years, but thanks in part to RVA, is now being heard loud and clear. Learn more about her journey of courage and healing here.

In this time of change and uncertainty, with your help, RVA will continue to be a dependable source of comfort and strength for survivors like Coretta. Your donation today will help us:

  • Make sure that survivors are not alone in the ER in the aftermath of traumatic violence and their rights are respected
  • Provide counseling and support groups to survivors as they heal, including specialized groups for male survivors and college students
  • Facilitate child sexual abuse prevention workshops for children, their parents and their teachers
  • Train thousands of law enforcement, healthcare, education, and social service professionals

We fight, as survivors and as allies, alongside and on behalf of those whose voices have been ignored, whose lived experiences have been dismissed, whose lives must be centered, not marginalized. Every gift to RVA sends a strong message that you too are steadfast in your support of survivors.Every gift supports creating a society intolerant of rape.

Thank you for standing with RVA, with survivors, and for compassion and justice.

With gratitude,


Sharmili Majmudar
Executive Director

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Coretta Dixon

My eyes and soul could finally see the life I was designed to live. I felt confident, empowered, encouraged and finally in control of my life. I know that none of this would have been possible without RVA.

– Coretta Dixon, survivor and life coach